From new systems to existing system upgrades, our staff of certified experts will integrate the best products and offer a cost-effective solution to protect your high value asset.

Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

  • FM-200, Novec-1230 & Argonite Inert Gas Agents
  • Zero ozone depletion, safe for people.

Fire Alarm, Fire Detection and Control Systems

  • Intelligent, addressable fire alarm & control panels, smoke detection, UV and IR optical flame detection, LEL and combustible gas detection, linear heat detection, pre-action sprinkler monitoring and controls.

High Sensitivity Smoke Detection / VEWFD

  • Very early warning aspirating smoke detectors offer continuous air sampling. VESDA, VESDA E-Series, AirSense and AnaLASER systems protect your mission critical data.

Water Mist Fire Protection Systems

  • Water mist fire protection systems use less water to ensure less downtime with minimal damage.

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Systems

  • High and low pressure CO2, utilizing total flooding and local application fire suppression.

Industrial Explosion Suppression & Isolation

  • Fenwal IEP Technologies Explosion Protection Systems that suppress, isolate or vent combustible dust or vapor deflagrations – protecting vital facilities against explosions.

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