Healey Fire Protection, Inc. will be exhibiting at the SFPE’s 2022 Annual Conference that will be held in Detroit October 9-11th at the Detroit Marriott. 

SFPE’s Annual Conference & Expo is the premier source of technical knowledge, information sharing, and business networking for fire protection personnel, specifiers, AHJ’s, end users and decision makers. Please visit us at Booth 32 to discuss all your fire protection needs.  Do you have a L-Ion or rechargeable battery application that needs fire protection?  Ask […]

Fire Protection for the Food Industry

Deep fat fryers represent the food industry’s greatest fire hazard. Should the situation arise the fire protection system needs to extinguish the flames while cooling down the oil, in order to prevent re-ignition, without contaminating the oil or the food. Read how water mist penetrates the fire and blocks radiant heat, bringing a fire under […]